Arinn Cavey
Founder and President


I was fortunate to start my career with KPMG, spending my first 13 years out of college working on the audit side, largely for Fortune 500 clients. While I enjoyed that work and gained invaluable experience at KPMG, I knew my longterm career path didn’t lie in the compliance driven world of audit and likely didn’t lie in the world of large public companies.

When I left KPMG in 2015, it was to be Chief Accounting Officer of a small-cap public REIT that was majority PE owned. I was excited to be in a position where I could make a real impact and enjoyed working in the fast-paced, performance driven PE space. In 2018, using my contacts in that market, I began to take consulting opportunities to take over the accounting and back-office functions for other companies in the space, essentially moving their accounting from portfolio company home offices throughout the country to Omaha to help grow and clean up their functions.

Experience, Partnership and Success

It was through these offers and experiences and talking with middle market business owners that we saw an opportunity in the marketplace to provide high quality back office services to these rapidly growing companies. Often these companies are unable to attract the right talent to their mid-sized organizations or have a hard time justifying the salary of an experienced Controller when they may only need that experience 30% of the time. This lack of the right talent then serves as a distraction to those whose time is better spent strategically growing their businesses. This is the problem that Pillar was created to solve.

We love working in the middle market – these are the businesses that grow communities and create jobs. I’m a true accountant at heart, and nothing is more satisfying than being able to provide a founder-CEO with location or product line operating results that they’ve never had true visibility to before, helping them close their first debt deal, or identifying EBITDA add backs that help optimize equity valuations. We created Pillar to serve these businesses, and each client gets the same level of expertise, strategy, and care. Their success matters to us, and partnering with these businesses to help them excel will always be at the heart of what we do.