The Three Pillars

Our Controller level leadership and above comes with significant Big 4 accounting experience. We have extensive experience in the middle market, preparing for and aiding in debt and equity transactions, and working with PE ownership.

Why is this important?

With our experience, we can anticipate the needs of a scaling business. We can be proactive and strategic with system designs and upgrades. We understand how to optimize systems and bring your processes to a best in class standard both in accuracy and efficiency. We stay up to date on industry offerings and trends and have years of experience in cleaning up any historical accounting issues that may exist in your organization.

We know the information that needs to be captured and presented both when transactions are being considered and for the management of operations. This level of leadership and ownership allows management to stop focusing on the distraction of running their processes and focus on strategic management.

Our staff at Pillar are fully integrated with our clients. We function as an offsite accounting office for your company versus a traditional outsourced relationship. This is reflected in both our fee structure (fixed annual fee billed monthly) and the level of involvement our team has with your staff.

Our staff are integrated into the systems and structure of the organizations we serve. Our AP staff work with your staff to gain approvals for expenditures and work with vendors on payment execution and account management. Our Controllers work with executives and department managers to ensure they are receiving the information that is needed. We attend management meetings to stay up to date on the needs of the business. We become your team and prioritize keeping our staff consistently working with the same clients because of this level of integration.

This integrated staff model is unique in the industry and provides a level of service that traditional CPA firms and bookkeepers just can’t offer. The resources allocated to your business will remain consistent even as our service model offers flexibility.

A key tenet of the value proposition at Pillar is the depth of services provided. When we say we provide complete back-office outsourcing, we mean it. Besides full general accounting, we provide the following services with our full outsourcing service agreements:

  • Payroll processing
  • Business licensing and legal entity management
  • Insurance program and claims management

Our employees serve our clients on a fractional basis and we have a fully assembled team ready to serve you. That means our AR and AP departments will have capacity when you need it, our insurance expert can aid in your annual insurance renewal or when difficult claims issues arise, and our paralegals can help when you are setting up new legal entities, entering new states, or completing annual reporting requirements. We bring the right expertise at the right time so you can focus on running your business.