What Our Clients Say

Client Testimonials

“My firm and I have shared a mutual client with Pillar Accounting, and Arinn Cavey specifically, for several years now. Prior to Pillar’s arrival, there seemed to be a revolving door of accountants that were hired over the previous 5 years that I had been the CPA for this rapidly growing company. There were frequent store openings, and the expected chaos that come with employing hundreds of new hires each year. From the day Arinn and her team came on board, they created structure in the accounting department which had never existed. Within a few months, they were providing monthly reporting to the executive team, which enabled them to make better management decisions. Before Pillar, we were provided financials to prepare the income tax returns just a few weeks before the deadlines to file – once they arrived, we were given the reports months in advance, which enabled us to analyze the numbers and provide better service to our clients. The shift in the timeliness and quality of the reports was evident immediately. Pillar Accounting has done an amazing job and have undoubtedly made a positive impact on everyone who has come into contact with their team.”

– Tax Partner, External CPA Firm

“Our Company hired Pillar Accounting in October 2021 to take over our accounting processes, which were in Quickbooks on a cash basis and highly manual. Within a few months, we had completed a full conversion of financials going back to the beginning of 2021 to NetSuite on a GAAP basis and had procedures in place to close within 17 days of month end. For a company in transition from “start up” to serious fundraising rounds, this is a material step. Our contacts at Pillar are highly knowledgeable, plugged into our business, and available when we need them. As part of onboarding they talk about how they are “part of the team”, but it’s really true. I never think about us having a 3rd party accounting resource, but an extremely strong internal team. In mid-2022 we went through a debt raise and quality of earnings audit and the availability of high-quality financial information and Pillar’s involvement in the process was one of the factors that led to a successful close. While we could have potentially built an internal team, the key-man risk just isn’t worth it and having Pillar simply eliminates any concern over the quality of accounting allowing us to focus on the many other challenges of growing the business. I strongly recommend Pillar for any growth companies, especially anyone in the 4-wall space. ”

– Client Company CEO

“We have had the opportunity to provide auditing services to multiple Pillar clients. We immediately noticed the care, organization, and attention to detail they provide. As a result, we have been able to reduce audit fees. It is a privilege to work alongside Pillar!”

– Audit Partner, External CPA Firm

“The Pillar team did an awesome job helping our portfolio company through a recent debt financing. Our team is so appreciative. They do great work but especially in helping us undertake this process.”

– PE Company Managing Director

“As an outside tax advisor, I have worked very close with the team at Pillar on a client that is experiencing rapid nationwide growth. By utilizing technology and having the working knowledge of a BIG 4 audit firm, the Pillar team was not only able to take over and correct some serious accounting issues for an out-of-state client, but they managed the entire financial statement auditing process from start-to-finish. Additionally, they provided all necessary schedules and information to establish the client’s book-to-tax differences to complete complex federal and multi-state tax filings. The team at Pillar has the ability to not only scale the financial accounting and tax side of your business, but they also provide you the detailed financial analysis and key performance metrics you need to make informed business decisions, especially when you are positioning your company for M&A opportunities.”

Tax Director, External CPA Firm

“I first engaged Pillar when I joined a PE backed fitness company as CFO in 2018. I had previous experience working with Arinn and so when I discovered that the entire accounting and treasury function at the company needed a ground-up rebuild, Pillar was my first call. Pillar was an incredible partner to me in creating an accounting and treasury function that was appropriately sized for the business and capable of scaling as the business expanded. Within a short time frame, Arinn was able to staff the team, build the infrastructure, and produce unit specific P&Ls that provided management with the insights necessary to drive profitability. Upon my promotion to President of the company, I did not need to backfill the CFO role because Arinn has the leadership and knowledge to play the CFO role in an outsourced capacity. She has a thorough understanding of not only accounting principles but, more importantly, can translate them into the practical day-to-day business decisions and operations. On top of this, Pillar is a pleasure to work with. I’m immensely grateful for the relationship and cannot speak highly enough of the value Pillar has brought to the company.”

Client Company President

“After experiencing turnover in our accounting department and hearing from Pillar about their experience, process, and expertise in multi-unit retail accounting, we made the decision to use Pillar for our accounting function. Pillar delivered on their value promise to elevate our accounting function, streamline our accounting processes, ensuring accurate and auditable financial statements, and provide reliable reporting for our effective decision-making. I highly recommend Pillar for a growing company like ours given their excellence in delivering on their scope, but also for the time and effort it saves us since we don’t have to develop, sustain and improve an internal accounting team.”

Client Company CEO