The Middle Market Problem

Middle market companies have difficulty attracting and retaining the talent they need for best in class accounting and back office services.



Young staff often equate the size of the organization they work for with prestige, or fear that going to a middle market company will leave them spending a majority of their time doing clerk level work. Similarly, you have may a hard time justifying the cost of hiring an experienced expert when your need for that expertise isn’t consistent.

Available Talent

The available talent pool of accountants is in a years long decline. The number of accounting grads decreased by 4% during the pandemic alone.


Creating processes, implementing systems, and cleaning up historical issues requires specific experience that most employees just don’t have. It’s not routine work and finding individuals who have executed on it before isn’t easy.


Management Distraction

Growing companies face complex issues and create backlog, often serving as a distraction to executive management whose time is better spent elsewhere.

Difficulty Scaling

Without accurate and timely financial information, its hard to optimize the growth of a business.

Issues with Transactions

Its hard to obtain debt at favorable terms or an optimal equity valuation without correct financials, properly identified add backs, the ability to generate covenant calculations or obtain certificates of good standing, or an executive level accountant who can handle audits and QoE reviews.

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